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Carla Joelle Brown Hey Jen Cooper

I had the great pleasure of being asked to do a podcast interview with Jen Cooper, who I originally met virtually through our mutual friend, Anna. Anna is my oldest and dearest friend, and has not lived in the same state as me in decades, even though we lived closer together when we both lived in the Midwest. That was chapters ago in our lives. So Anna introduced me to Jen via email and low and behold, she lived in the same town. Not only did she live in the same town, but she is a creative maverick and has been successful in many inspiring endeavors. It wouldn't be perhaps a few years until we would meet in person, after we tried to connect IRL a few times. My 9-5 always hems up my real life. I ran into Jen at our local grocery store and I recognized her from her picture. It would still be a while until we actually sat down with each other, but to me, it was worth the wait - and just the start of something great.

Many thanks to Jen for thinking of me and letting me talk with her about my grandparents and my documentary. I truly believe that some people are put in your life for a reason, and I can't wait to see where this goes. Her podcast is fresh, and a new spin on how we think and process the world.

Please, take a listen to not just my interview, but all of them. Something can be learned from them all.

This is for you Benjamin and Frances....

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