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A Godfather's Sleep Story

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

October 8, 2018

Waking up was much easier than going to bed. The creep out factor was at a high 10. I watched The Godfather for as long as I could keep my eyes open to help me sleep. It wasn’t my first choice. My normal go to shows are British detective shows where horrible things happen in idyllic, isolated places, and it didn’t seem like a good idea last night - too close to home. My body wasn’t sure about the time - I was tired, but my mind was caught between what time it used to be and the reality of the time it was. Sarah and I passed at the steps, crossing paths for the bathroom sometime late at night/early morning and I couldn’t even say for sure when.

As I lay in bed, looking out of the window, I could hear Thomas and Sarah’s door creek open. I didn’t know when to get up since I didn’t give a hard time on when we would start our day, and I wanted us all to get enough rest. To my surprise, I was waiting out thinking they weren’t up - thinking I was giving them time. When I got downstairs it was clear that they were washed, dressed, and ready. In fact, they were waiting for me. Now with the pressure of being the last one to get ready, I showered, dressed as swiftly as possible. Afterwards, we had a meeting with the agenda that I typed up on the phone in bed while I was laying in wait. I was finally getting myself together and ready to give my

team guidance on my thoughts – download every tiny detail from the corners of my jet lagged brain.

Sarah shared the map and stickers that her friend Rachel (Rachel Alvarez Art: specializing in custom watercolor paintings such as state paintings) had kindly provided for the trip. I happened to notice that the Cape Disappointment lighthouse was the scene for her Washington State illustration; it was completely unplanned, and unknown but an unbelievable coincidence. This morning we took the path to that same lighthouse. It was our first stop. It was foggy and rainy and cold. We didn’t even see the lighthouse at all. Yet it was right in front of us. The water was dripping from the trees was heavier than the steady spray of rain. The sound of the ocean was loud and violent. All of which made it more difficult to believe that we were completely unaware of any of this when we arrived last night.

We stopped up the road for breakfast on the way out. Laurie’s Breakfast Stop. The “please wait to be seated by hostess,” sign was outside. Below, spray painted in red on the sidewalk read, “Line Up Here!” The optics of the crowd didn’t match up. There were plenty of empty seats. It was a little later, but still late for breakfast time. Once we were seated, the waitress explained that there had in fact been a rush; one they had not anticipated. It was a holiday and people were off – Columbus Day. Our waitress kept apologizing for the delay. We weren’t concerned. Laurie’s was one of those places that have been around forever, with strange, old décor and pictures, giving anyone plenty to look at while they waited, sprinkled with snarky signs (one at the counter) $50 fee will be charged if you have an attitude.

Breakfast was nice and leisurely, full of laughs and much needed food. None of us ate that much the day before and it caught up to our stomachs. Our waitress was funny. She said she was picking with Thomas because she brought out a waffle with cranberry, but he asked for a waffle with Marionberry topping (not to be confused with the former DC mayor, Marion Barry). But he did order cranberry juice that she forgot to bring out and that may have been how he ended up with a waffle with cranberry. Even with the humorous banter, she still forgot the cranberry juice but remembered it when she brought out the mammoth size biscuits made like skillet cornbread. This is what you call carb heaven.


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