Carla Joelle Brown was born in Baltimore, MD and received her B.A. in 1998, and M.F.A. in 2001, from the University of Maryland, College Park, with a concentration in printmaking. As an interdisciplinary artist, she uses photography, printmaking and film, to visually examine themes about her gender, race and family. Brown’s recent work focuses on both her maternal and paternal grandparents and their direct influence on her life, as well as a close examination of them as individuals.



Sarah Nelson is an independent filmmaker, currently living in the Baltimore area and creating stories all over the world. Her specialties include writing, directing, producing and editing. She completed and received a B.A. in Philosophy from Salisbury University in 2005 and an M.A. in Film and Video from American University in December 2013. She has written and directed award winning short films and has been apart of award winning feature length films. After graduating from film school, she worked as an Associate Producer for the National Geographic Channel, writing and producing promos. In 2014, she decided she wanted to focus on creating content and stories of her own and that she could have more input and control if she started her own film production company, Constant Movement Cinema. She currently runs and operates CM Cinema, writing and directing short films, commercials and documentaries.



Krystal Tingle is a Jamaican-American producer who has worked in Miami, DC, Oakland, Ocho Rios, and South Sudan. She recently wrapped Ashe ‘68 (dir. Rex Miller) and Race Riot (dir. Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich) with support from Glass Breaker Films. She has produced for Showtime, Viceland, and TLC. A former TV journalist and certified lay minister, her non-fiction work focuses on themes of faith, sisterhood, and community. She was a Docs In Progress Fellow in Washington, D.C., and a Women in Film grantee for her feature documentary in development, Oh Happy Day! Krystal splits her time between Miami and Brooklyn.



Thomas Aaron is a professional photographer who has made the transition to motion picture capture with the advent of digital cinema. He believes that the art of capturing moving pictures has the power to motivate thought and inspire change. 


"Now that the tools to create quality images are available to the masses, the imagination of filmmakers everywhere is the new frontier. It's an exciting time to be alive !"  



Jen Cooper is a writer and producer living in Baltimore, MD. She wrote and developed creative content for Disney and PBS, including the web series, Adventures in Learning, which she also wrote, hosted, and produced. She continues to contribute to South of Brooklyn, an indie media site dedicated to telling stories of travel and creatives in America’s backyards and beyond. She now has a podcast called Hey, Jen Cooper. In a time where it seems like no one can agree on anything, the podcast is a safe space where we can all still agree that stories matter. 



Russ Hodge, Executive Producer and President (3 Roads Communications, Inc.), is best-known for launching and producing some of televisions' most innovative and successful news talk shows including, Fox News Sunday and Off the Record for Fox, Politically Incorrect for Comedy Central, and The McLaughlin Group for CNBC.  Russ also served as Director of Television at the Voice of America, an international news broadcasting organization supporting US diplomacy.



Cynthia Scott, Executive Producer and CEO (3 Roads Communications, Inc.), develops video products ranging from television series, documentaries, commercials, live-event productions, and presentation pieces to target specific government or corporate audiences.  A retired US Air Force Lt. Colonel, she was mobilized immediately after 9/11, serving as the Pentagon’s Spanish language spokesperson, communicating all Defense issues in Spanish. Coordinating with the White House Office of Communications, she regularly appeared on news programs for Telemundo, RCN Colombia, Televisa, TV Azteca, and Univision.

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