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All NEWS is GREAT News!!

After high anticipation, I would like to PROUDLY announce that I am officially a published author in a national publication. There have already been some amazing articles about the documentary and about my grandparents, but this is the first one written by my hand. Some time ago, I asked my oldest and dearest friend Anna advice on pitching an article about the documentary to the local paper. She kindly referred me to her friend Leslie who is in the writing biz and the rest is history. This week, Lenny Letter, a weekly online feminist newsletter created by Lena Dunham and Jennifer Konner, has published the article. THIS IS HUGE!!!!! I have this feeling that although I have been plugging away for a while on this project, things are going to be full throttle. I have to give major thanks to Anna, Leslie, Ayana (for making think further) and Molly at Lenny for refining the story - she was an editorial BEAST!


And while we are at it, even though this has been added to the news section of the website, I thought I would make mention of this article as well. This was the initial purpose of asking Anna for advice- local news. May this only be the start of many many more. Honored and beyond the moon about it all. For the full article: EVERYONEBUTTWOBALTSUN.

There is way more to come on this journey, stay tuned...

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