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Women Rock!!!

We will take a break from the routine park run - downs by state this week (kinda). There is tons of work happening for Everyone But Two and more that I am excited to tell you about when the time comes… but I have stepped back to take a bit of a breather. My mind is still running a mile a minute and I wanted and needed to stop to smell the roses and get offline and such.

During this pause, I have spent time looking out the window and riding amusement park rides, and enjoying the rich culture around me and being present. On one of these days, we were supposed to take my niece crabbing for the first time, an induction if you will to your Maryland rights of passage. But unbeknownst to us, the pier we left at 6:00 am to get to, had water that was crystal clear. That meant that you couldn’t catch crabs if the crabs can see you. There was no place for them to hide and we were s.o.l.

But all was not lost. We were minutes away from a place that I have wanted to visit on our second attempt to find a place to crab. We took the opportunity to visit the Harriet Tubman Underground National Historical Park in Dorchester County, Maryland. Much can be said about the museum. In short, you must go! Thanks to the National Park Service and President Obama for making this happen and recognizing her importance in history.

This is indeed the year of the woman and it is time that all our contributions are seen. We all know that Harriet Tubman escaped slavery and became a conductor of the Underground Railroad, personally leading over 70 slaves to freedom, including her brothers and parents. But here are some more facts that exemplify how bad-ass she really was


  • She was a housemaid at the age of 5

  • She was struck in the head with a weight a age 12 when stepping between a slave and an overseer leaving her with headaches and narcolepsy for the rest of her life

  • She was 5’ tall

  • She was a Union Spy

  • She built her home with bricks made from her own brickyard

In 2020, Tubman's image will replace Andrew Jackson on the twenty-dollar bill. I am going to stack up on those, that's for sure.

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