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Honored to Have Our Story Featured

I am truly honored to be featured today by Teresa Baker of African American Nature & Parks Experience, to share the story of my grandparents, Benjamin and Frances Graham. Teresa, is a leader in advocating to change perceptions and behaviors relative to the national parks and foster the next generation of diverse, informed, and loyal park stewards and outdoor enthusiasts. With events like the Buffalo Soldiers Trail Retracing Project, she is one of the many people whose steps I am working hard to follow to make sure that the Graham's story and those of other people of color get out there - to change the narrative of who is and has been and will be out in the parks. As with many things in life, you are always standing on the shoulders of others that came before you. For this, I humbly grateful. Thank you.

Please read the full interview on her blog post here : African American Explorations and be sure to see the work that Teresa is doing on Facebook - especially if you are on the West Coast.

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