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There is No News Like Good News

Image courtesy of Docs in Progress,

MEET OUR 2017 DOCS IN PROGRESS FELLOWS "Docs In Progress is pleased to announce the participants in our fifth annual Fellowship Program. Selected through a competitive application process, these ten Fellows represent a variety of professional backgrounds and are at different stages of their careers and their current documentaries-in-progress.

Their films range in topic: deeply personal family legacies, anthropological explorations about the keepers of cultural traditions, insights into how different Americans view the current state of politics; stories of unlikely activists fighting to save their communities; and a historical documentary about a song which rose up out of church basements to become an anthem of the civil rights era.

The Fellows will participate as a cohort in a series of monthly meetings from February through September 2017 where they will come together to share and hold each other accountable for progress on these current projects, and have a facilitated discussion with each other and with special guest speakers about issues related to the documentary landscape, work/life balance, and the creative process. They will also attend the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival."

I am very excited to officially announce that I have been selected as a 2017 Docs In Progress Fellow.

What does this mean, you ask? Basically, it means that I, along with a great pool of talented other selected fellows have been given the opportunity to have access to resources, including each other to help get er' done. We all have visions of a fully developed and compelling visual story that will take the form of a documentary. Docs in Progress has done this in many ways for others with this vision before me. My first meeting is tomorrow and I can't wait! I have a few more things that I am working on and am going to put all my universal positive vibes out there that I will have more good news in the near future. Eventually, I will get back to the Aruba trip, but I am not sure if it will be this week. But I sure wish I was still there...

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