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The Upside Down

In light of the fact that I have been nutty busy and my trusty laptop crashed on me this past weekend and I have retrieved it only last night after having it sent away, Aruba will have to wait until yet another post. However, there is still something I would like to express in the meantime. The intention of this blog is to write about my experiences as they relate to Everyone But Two. Yet and still, I am using this as a platform to write, and to quote Natalie Goldberg from her book, Writing Down the Bones. Freeing the Writer Within, “Writing is the act of burning through the fog in your mind.” Lately, I find this to be especially true because my mind is all fogged up and I need an outlet. Tomorrow I will venture to seek some clarity, or at least see things with my own eyes as we embark upon a day that will be completely different than the one before. Without being overly political, or choosing sides, we can all at least agree that the transition of leadership from our former to our incoming president is the epitome of polar opposites, or as I like to call it (nod to Netflix’s Stranger Things), the “Upside Down.”

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