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I'm Giving It All She's Got

Al Roker, daughter Leila explore Sequoia National Park, courtesy of the Today Show (click to image to watch)

This morning, it was as if my (parent’s) neighbor read my mind. Only a few minutes before, I surfaced from the basement and wallowed in the momentum of the National Park Service (NPS) centennial as the Today Show crew had the great fortune of sharing their remarkable time in Arcadia National Park on this morning's show. “Haters going to hate.” That is definitely how I feel right now. Oh, how I would do anything to be on the road full time, out in the fresh air, learning something new and creating lifelong memories. I am not quite an early or easy riser, I have only caught the last few minutes, if that of the NPS highlights that the Today Show are featuring all week. The internet and on-demand ease your TV conscious these days when you are afraid that you may miss something crucial. I wanted to take my time watching their features of the parks. Don’t get me wrong, seeing the various Today Show crew gallivanting in different National Parks does also motivate me to keep working hard on Everyone But Two and focus on what I want for my future.

How is life treating you? Do you want to ride across the country with me?

Those were the questions posed to me by the neighbor as I scuttled along to my car to avoid having the potential long conversation I try to avert every morning. He is a very interesting person and I know he has a fascinating life story, but it is difficult to politely shut down the conversation when you know you have to get your butt in the car and get to work. My first answer was “so-so.” I am in the double dumps today. I have not gotten any rest the last few nights thanks to a menacing cough and it is also the busiest (frustrating) time of the year at work. No sympathy required, but I am very surprised I managed to type anything except “ZZZZzzz.” My second answer was, “that is what I am trying to do.” When I drove past, I rolled my window down and told him I will explain it to him one day.

Folks, this is all I can give you today. I have nothing but apologies. My goal was to post every week, no matter what. It was my intention to make them meaningful posts. I didn’t think it would be that difficult with the amount of resources, including the NPS Centennial marketing and news. Quite frankly, it has been pretty easy thus far; even when I think I have absolutely nothing, a gem of a moment such as my neighbor asking me if I wanted to drive across the country with him is enough for me to mention. It may not always mean a lot to everyone, but there are always reminders of the work I need to get done.Let’s also not forget, there are plenty of other people and organizations doing tremendous work that is worth sharing. It may not always mean a lot to everyone, but there are always reminders of the work I need to get done. Click here to see what they are doing over at the Today Show.

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