On August 10, 1965, Benjamin began a log to document their first trip in their brand new 17' Stardust RV trailer.  Each series of entries for the next 35 years would begin with an empty photocopied McNally map of the United States that he would outline their route by hand.  


Immediately following the outlined map, Benjamin would create a summary sheet of the entire trip.  In addition to routes and places they stayed, he would include the trip totals: gas, mileage, days on the road.  


In 1969, four years after the first trip documented only by map and summary, Benjamin added the last component, the daily log entry.  The details of the trip were recorded daily for each week. Categories in addition to those tallied on summary were costs for groceries, laundry, dinner, camping fees and entertainment.  At the bottom, Benjamin would also make notes of milestone distances traveled or information about routes.  This travel log was used after they ended traveling by RV trailer.  Benjamin and Frances continued to travel by car. The last entry logged was in 2003 for a trip that included visiting me in Madison, Wisconsin. 

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