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No Time Like The Present

My mother always says, "never ask what else could happen," because surely you will find out. After the recent losses I suffered, I never asked. I didn't dare. I didn't think to ask because there couldn't possibly be anything else to add. 2016 has been viciously cruel and as I work feverishly to post the remains of its wreckage, to leave it all behind and start afresh for 2017, it had one more horrible trick up its sleeve. I am yet again, witnessing another loved one's transition from this earthly place. This person, like my grandmother, has lived life like it was their heaven on earth. This person did things that a lot would never think of or have the courage and wherewithal to do. I don't even know what to think anymore but I do at least know this, as this year ends, I implore you all to tell your loved ones exactly what they mean to you and most importantly, live and love in life with no fear or regrets.

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