April 21, 2016

This morning I am having another Ralph Phillips (Looney Tunes) moment, minus the pencil line, curling smile. I find myself looking out of the window in my office a lot lately as the many trains whiz past, daydreaming of my next big adventure with a horse and lasso. These last few weeks I have continued to work on planning the details of the next trip out to Mount Rushmore.  At first it seems like a simple task. You have a certain amount of days and a certain distance that needs to be traveled in said days. It is basically an algebra formula when you remove the extraneous factors. Even w...

April 14, 2016

Party lights, Codorus State Park, Pennsylvania, Summer 2015 

First things first, today’s post is 90% informative and 10% interpretation.  There are too many notable project related events that have happened or will happen that I felt it was my duty to share it instead of blabbing off on how I feel about life. Unfortunately, NO, I have not won the lottery even though my friend, (another) Carla and I have an ongoing lottery pool. You can scratch that off the list of notable events. This is park talk to the max. It is now April and as we inch closer on the calendar to the Centennial Celebr...

February 25, 2016

Time is always forgiving. Only weeks ago, millions of people on the east coast were wearily looking out of their windows at the remnants of Snowzilla 2016, staring at snow measured by the foot. Some were excited and some, not so much. I can personally say that I was very happily snowed in. However, as time progressed and the cities and towns eventually started to dig themselves out, the fun was quickly snatched out from under us. Having the option to be like a cat, peering out of the window out to the pristine snow covered streets is a completely different animal than when the boss says...

December 1, 2015

Every year I look forward to Thanksgiving because it means time with loved ones and time around the table!  Copious amounts of food covered in cheese, smothered in marshmallows, seasoned by things that only come out of the cabinet after November or are the miscellaneous parts of animals that would otherwise have no every day use. This Thanksgiving my sister and her family were joining us from New Jersey and the following day we were going to have a reprise of an annual traditional gathering with the entire family that had been defunct for some time. Between both days, I had way more foo...

November 11, 2015


Random Observation: I think as drivers, we have all had the experience of an animal, whether it’s 4 legged or 2, deciding to play chicken with you and your car in the street. Most times you feel pretty confident that they will submit to the car and refrain from getting too close to your tires. However, Thomas and I noticed that this one particular species of bird was repeatedly taking its sweet time crossing the street. We decided to call it a thug bird and forgive me; I know this may not be politically correct. People have gotten in trouble for using the term “thu...

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