May 31, 2015

This morning was not an early rise.  Going to bed after 3:00 a.m. does not inspire you to jump out of bed. It was now a reasonable time for registration office hours. By the time we rounded the side of the registration office to pay up, a young man who was in the middle of some serious looking construction with 2 other men greeted us. He asked if we were in the Cruise America rental as he walked us inside. Quietly sitting in the corner at a table was young black teenage boy with a pleasant face. I am assuming that he was the son of the owners, maybe adopted or from a previous relationsh...

May 30, 2015

The sun briefly set and quickly rose again. It started off as another work morning and we were in the trailer for a while before we checked out of the campground. Since it was close to lunchtime, we were on our food crawl for our one big meal of the day. We weren’t too far from the University Alaska Fairbanks, which meant that there were lots of food options nearby. We decided that we wanted pizza and found College Town Pizzeria on College Rd. It was fairly busy around town: people riding bikes or walking. Some college kids were having their weekend gathering with friends. Inside Colleg...

May 30, 2015

Today, I was going to be a baller. A shower taker caller. Denali RV Park and Motel has great-individual bathrooms. There may have been at least 10 or so. Instead of the dorm style bathrooms, each bathroom had a shower, sink and toilet. The shower required a $3.00 token for use. Each token earned you 5 minutes of hot shower. By this point of the trip, neither of us used the shower in the RV. If we needed to we could have, but why do that when you can have more space. The other thing is when you are camping on the road you have a bit of personal hygiene allowance. You may not take a showe...

May 28, 2015

**Full disclosure: I am writing this during the layover in LA to Maui. Our flight out of Anchorage left at 11:50 pm last night. I may be delirious. All posts will be reviewed later for accuracy and nonsense and pics**

In the a.m., I strolled over to the office to ask some questions about the park. At the desk was a lovely silver haired, retired couple. Their hometown is Knoxville, Tennessee and they had arrived in early May and will be there until September working. Another two couples were on their way to help with the hosting duties. The couple made it known that their backup couldn’t...

May 28, 2015

This morning we got up after a very cold night in the trailer. We reassessed our RV needs for a warmer night’s sleep. Another trip to Wal-Mart was going to be necessary to get more blankets, as well some household items we hadn’t considered (hand soap).  As we drove to our second Wal-Mart within a 24-hour period, I began to notice a few things: 1.) Downtown Anchorage, or the outskirts anyways, could be Anytown, America, 2.) There were way more black people in Anchorage than I even expected, and 3.) Every city, as great and glorious, is burdened by the same ills of America with the only...

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